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Heading Out, 2019, Charcoal on linen, 36 x 48

Heading Out, 2019, Charcoal on linen, 36 x 48

“Heading Out” was recently featured for winning First Place in the Drawing Category at Piccolo Spoleto.

“Winner of Best Drawing in the 2019 Piccolo Spoleto Juried Art Exhibition, Louanne LaRoche frequently focuses her work on vanished and displaced communities.Her winning piece, Heading Out, was inspired by a 1939 photo by Charles Anderson Ferrell, who was commissioned by the government to photograph the fishing villages that were condemned when the military displaced the communities to build what is now Camp Lejeune. Come see this and all other wonderful pieces in this year's exhibition - on view daily from noon to 5pm through June 9.”
- City Gallery

See it exhibited now at the
Four Corners Gallery.

Interview with WHHI

“The Breeze” Interview

“Local Life” Interview


"There is a communion of spirit between an intimate glance towards a gesture, event, or place and the process of documenting this relationship on paper or canvas."


Currently exhibited at Camellia Art Gallery

Lands End (detail), 2018,
mixed media on canvas, 36 x 60 "

May River Bathers, Private Collection

May River Bathers, Private Collection

If you are interested in Commissions, please feel free to contact
Louanne LaRoche.

       Louanne LaRoche is a documentarian at heart and has been a resident of the Lowcountry for over 40 years.  Her private studio is located on the May River near the historic town of Bluffton, SC.  Her vibrant paintings depict variety through subject and size. Friends have said that Louanne's paintings are an "eruption of her wonderful spirit that simply spills out onto the canvas."

     In addition, her interests focus on collecting Outsider art, American Illustrators, American Impressionists, regional,  African,  tribal,  and anonymous artwork. Her efforts as collector and curator of the work of Sam Doyle and other Southern folk artists have led to Louanne LaRoche being recognized internationally along with her own artwork.

      LaRoche has brought her own distinctive vision of the Lowcountry by combining the freedom of expression with the strength of representation. She stresses the importance of community and her role to observe and document the intimate connections that occur in everyday interactions. 

Secret Garden, Available

Secret Garden, Available

view this past exhibit at the Four Corners Gallery, Evocations: Paintings/ Drawings/ Monotypes

Hammock Time, 2018, Mixed Media on Panel,
16 x 20”,” Private Collection

St. Simon’s BBQ
Private Collection

Sunday at the Beach III
Private Collection

“LaRoche's artwork reflects a significant sense of her  community and her response to these connections as they are being lost, displaced or diminished."
Jacob Preston